Perdue Farms in Forsyth says locals may not notice a grain odor emanating from its Hwy. 41 plant as much after it added a new $3.8 million feed-loading system.

Clay Copeland, who oversees Perdue’s 21-acre poultry operation off Hwy. 41 in Forsyth, said the company replaced and updated the equipment that unloads grain brought in from railcars and moves it into silos to feed its chickens. Copeland said the new equipment is faster and more secure than the old conveyor system, which dated to 1994 and had some holes that resulted in spilled grain and contributed to more odor.

Copeland said they planned the installation so that it didn’t interfere with operations, allowing the plant to continue sending 2.1 million chickens per week to Perdue’s processing plant in Perry. Most of the chickens from Perdue’s Forsyth plant are sold to restaurants, said Copeland.

The feed-loading system moves the feed up from the railcars and to the various silos where it is needed, including a new one they just added, said Copeland. The plant receives a trainload of grain about every 10 days, he said, adding that it will absolutely help with the smell sometimes noticeable to those passing the plant on Hwy. 41.

Perdue has about 80 employees at its Forsyth plant, said Copeland.

News Article written by Will Davis at Monroe County Reporter:

Perdue: New $3.8 million feed system will reduce odor