Utilities and Permits


New companies can solicit proposals from Georgia Power, the Municipal Electric Association of Georgia (MEAG), and Central Georgia EMC, the local electric Cooperative (represented by their statewide entity, Oglethorpe Power which has a generating plant on adjacent property) to ensure the most competitive rate.

Georgia Law allows new companies with a connected electrical load exceeding 900 KW, freedom of choice from among the state’s major electrical suppliers. You will find Georgia’s electrical rates are well below the national average.

Water and Sewer

Water and sewer service are available from the City of Forsyth and Monroe County Water Department.


Standard telecommunication services are available by Bellsouth, Reynolds, and throughout the county and Forsyth Cable within the city of Forsyth.

Job Tax Credits

The State of Georgia offers Job Tax Credits to businesses engaged in warehousing and distribution that create a minimum of jobs.

Millage Rate

  • Monroe County – 12.80 in 2021
  • City of Forsyth – 2.50 in 2021
  • Board of Education – 15.227 in 2021
  • State of Georgia – 0
  • Effective Rate for property located in the County – 26.2
  • Effective Rate for property located in the City – 29.2

The Development Authority of Monroe County is committed to working with you on securing the most advantageous rates available for each of your utility needs.